This tea fields are registered by Japan heritage.A beautiful landscape is shaped by vertical and horizontal tea lines and couple of persimmon trees are located in central of tea fields. A native Uji tea trees are still exist.(Age of a tree is about a hundred years)


Agrotype:Uji native tea trees、Okumidori

Size:About 4,400㎡

Originally, this tea field was matsutake mashroom mountain and is surrounded by Japanese cedar and natural forest. Many cultivar are planted in this field


Agrotype : Yabukita,Samidori,Kanayamidori,Yamakai,Sayamakaori,Ujimidori

Size : About 6,600

Originally, this tea field  is surrounded by Japanese cedar and located middle of mountain(Elevation is about 350m) .We can harvest good quality Yabukita cultivar Sencha.


Agrotype : Yabukita

Size : About 1,000