Since 2016 , We started tea producing in Wazuka town where is located in south side of kyoto prefecture.Our tea producing  is based on "Tea with happiness".We think that "Best" is nothing.Taste of customer is changing depends on the era.Each teas have good point and tea farmer's work is bringing out its.

『Friendly tea for Earth,Society,Customer,and Producer』is our policy.To think not only human but also whole earth will lead to good result for all.Characteristic of our tea producing are


◎Light-steamed manufacturing method(traditional way of Uji tea)

◎Not use pesticide,chemical fertilizer,and herbicide

◎Utilization of local resources

◎Preservation of japan heritage and Uji native agrotype tea trees.

Work in the tea field

In tea factory

Manufacturing fresh tea

 Tea production in Wazuka has started in the Kamakura period (1192 – 1333) and has enjoyed an 800-year history as one of the main production areas of Uji tea. Tea field in Wazuka is located at misty mountain escarpment where is not suitable for mass production.Here is very good environmental for cultivating tea but working here is very hard. Nowadays,almost half of Uji tea is producing in Wazuka.

→Official website of Wazuka town

Japan heritage tea field

(Ishidera area)

Asaka imperial mausoleum

(Shirasu area)